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Alamo Draft House - Anthony Bourdain Memeorial "The Story of Food Waste", Monday July 16, at 7:00pm
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Monday, July 16, 2018 - 7:00am

Join us as we say our goodbye to culinary genius and food writer Anthony Bourdain with this very special Memorial Screening. Guest Chefs from local restaurant will provide an insightful pre-screening discussion on foods that inspire them, and perhaps how Mr. Bourdain inspired them as well.

100% of ticket sales benefit Concern Hotline!

If that’s how you feel, Anthony Bourdain agrees with you. That’s why he got involved with WASTED! THE STORY OF FOOD WASTE, because as a top-tier chef and beloved TV personality he instinctively knows how to transform something from its original, kinda ugly form into something beautiful, tempting and delicious. That’s what he does with a subject that, in the wrong hands, could be more than a little dry.

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