Promote awareness of mental health, provide services to prevent mental illness, and contribute to the proper care and treatment of mentally ill children and adults.
Non-profit agency that works collaboratively with other local agencies to identify and prioritize community health needs, to develop and implement programs to address those needs, and to increase access and availability of health care services as a whole.
An online resource for job-seekers. Sponsored by the Commonwealth of the Virginia.
• Public, state operated education program offering day program and residential services for children with hearing and/or visual impairments. • Provide consultation and evaluation of children to local school systems, parents and other agencies. • Provide training to professionals who work with people with hearing and/or visual impairment.
• Connects people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speech-impaired people with standard telephone users. • Offers many features for Spanish users, including Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translation and Speech-To-Speech.
Offers foster care, residential, independent living, and alternative education programs for children referred by the Department of Social Services, public and private social service organizations, schools and parents or guardians.
• Local Workforce Centers assist individuals with their job search, including job referral and placement, referral to training, and job search skill building activities. • VEC staff can also assist employers by screening and referring applicants for job vacancies, providing critical labor market information for business and economic planning, and coordinating Employer Advisory Committee activities across the state.
• Public, state agency providing services to veterans and their survivors to insure they receive all lawful benefits. • Provide counseling and help with filing claims and follow-up. Toll free number is a crisis number.
• State agency providing financial and social assistance to meet the basic needs of citizens who cannot successfully do so independently, with the general goal of self-sufficiency to the extent of the individual’s capacity.
• Helps people with disabilities find and keep jobs and/or reach a higher level of independence in their daily living. • Operate the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center (see listing under W). • Disability Determination Services process disability claims for benefits under the SSDI and SSIDP
For Concern Hotline calls, dial any of these local numbers:
Clarke, Frederick, Winchester County
Shenandoah County
Page County
Warren County