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Affordable legal assistance on civil legal issues including family disputes, domestic abuse and spousal support, debt & bankruptcy, housing, landlord/tenant issues, eligibility for government benefits, consumer disputes, and senior advocacy.  BRLS reserves the right to decline representation on any matter. BLUE RIDGE LEGAL SERVICES PAGE COUNTY 204 North High Harrisonburg, VA 22802 Toll-Free 800-237-0141 Business Hours: Mon-Fri:
Programs for people with varying degrees of disability, including Vocational training, Day Support, Supported Employment, and Student Transition.
Provides general poison information, drug interactions, and poison management advice. The Blue Ridge Poison Center (BRPC) is staffed by nurses and doctors specially trained to handle all sorts of poisonings: from medicines, plants, household products, industrial chemicals, snake bites, carbon monoxide, and more. This service provides immediate access to doctors and nurses who are experts in treating poisoned patients.
Takes community service board referrals.
Serve the community by helping to instill values in young people to prepare them to make ethical choices during their lifetime to achieve their highest potential. Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venture Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Explorer Scouts. Adult volunteer opportunities.
Program areas include character & leadership development, education & career development, health & life skills, the arts, and sports/recreation. Drop-in programs available.
Holistic alcohol and drug addiction treatment program. Residential, outpatient and support group programs. Provide licensed substance abuse treatment.
Provides emergency assistance to families when other welfare programs cannot meet their needs. Food pantry and clothing room, emergency or by appointment. Financial assistance to help with rent, temporary housing, utilities, fuel, transportation, prescriptions, and other basic needs. Provide bus tickets for local medical appointments. Provide bicycles for people not able to get a license or car so they can get a job. Provide vouchers for reasonable expense.
Provides pregnancy testing, options and services; abortion referral; birth control services; emergency contraception; HIV and other STD testing; and LGBT services.
Promotes a child-focused approach to the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child abuse by providing a safe, child-friendly facility; a multidisciplinary team response to abuse allegations; and professional support, education and advocacy services. Conducts forensic interviews in cases of suspected child abuse/neglect or child witnesses to crime. Provides educational materials and trauma focused therapy for child victims and their family members.
For Concern Hotline calls, dial any of these local numbers:
Clarke, Frederick, Winchester County
Shenandoah County
Page County
Warren County