Community-based prevention program providing personal safety workshops for children in local elementary schools. Community education programs to promote health and safety of children.
Diagnostic and consultation services for children suspected of having developmental, academic, emotional, and behavioral disorders.
Provides childcare resources and referrals for families. Provides technical support to childcare providers. Page County only - Resource Van offers childcare resources available to providers during monthly visits to their programs.
Private, not-for-profit agency offers adoption services, pregnancy counseling, and temporary foster care of infants, young children and pregnant teens.
Emergency shelter and crisis intervention, and support groups for victims of domestic battery, sexual violence,and sexual assault. Support group for women, children, and teens. Peer counselors for parents and children; accompaniment to court and medical appointments. Emergency shelter for homeless women and children.
Affordable housing for low-income individuals and families. Have property locations in Winchester and Clarke County.
CLEAN works toward creating a safe, healthy, drug-free community by bringing together representatives from substance abuse prevention and treatment, law enforcement, schools, social services, health care, court services, youth programs, faith community, parents and other concerned community groups. Serves court-referred youth and their parents through prevention and early intervention services, support groups, education, pre-assessment and referral services.
A volunteer group dedicated to appreciation of diversity and working across racial and ethnic lines for the common good. Study Circles on Racism in local schools and education seminars for community partners. Quarterly meetings and newsletters.
Provide advocacy and support services for victims of sexual assault, including hospital and court accompaniment. Sponsor events to raise awareness of sexual assault/abuse in the community at large.
Ridesharing program for commuters.  Match commuters to others for car or van pool.
For Concern Hotline calls, dial any of these local numbers:
Clarke, Frederick, Winchester County
Shenandoah County
Page County
Warren County