BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU (Richmond Office) - Consumer Services

Provides consumer information, takes consumer complaints, evaluates charities, and provides arbitration in consumer disputes. Offers information about companies before the consumer does business with them, and provides information to facilitate intelligent buying decisions. Assists consumers with complaints; complaints must be in writing. Seeks resolution of a complaint with the business; advises complainant if business fails to cooperate and notes the fact in the business's file at the BBB. Offers arbitration. Does not give legal advice, help to breach or assist in voiding contracts, make collections of any kind, provide credit information, or appraise articles.
720 Moorefield Park Drive, Suite 300
Richmond, VA 23236
Phone: (804) 648-0016
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For Concern Hotline calls, dial any of these local numbers:
Clarke, Frederick, Winchester County
Shenandoah County
Page County
Warren County