2023 Statistics

Concern Hotline will always be available to anyone, anywhere within our demographic region and beyond. Extending an olive branch to those wanting to share their story. We at Concern Hotline want to promote healthy connections within our community, engaging anyone who would like to listen to our message of suicide awareness. Concern Hotline also believes in grasping the reality of suicide; with the statistics below, we hope our readers will encourage those around them to talk, feel and heal.

In 2023, Concern Hotline received an average 256 calls per month, resulting in over 3000 calls for the year. Nationwide, there was a 36% increase by the end of 2021; 12.3 million portrayed thoughts, 3.5 million had a plan while 1.7 million attempted. Overall, 48,183 individuals died of suicide. According to the Mental health America Association, there has been a steady increase in the number of adults with serious suicidal thoughts. In 2022, thoughts of suicide increased another 2.6 percent. Last year, Virginia ranked 14 out of the 52 states, with an increase of 4.58% of adults thinking of suicide. This is equal to 298,000 Virginia residents.

Reaching out for support takes strength. Here at Concern Hotline will always be ready for the call., working within our community to prevent suicide.  Call us we care.

Adult Data 2023 | Mental Health America (mhanational.org)